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We provide the No.1 Wedding Kimono experience service for foreign visitors in Kyoto.
Our aim is to spread the beauty of Japanese wedding Kimono style to the rest of the world.
Whether you are engaged, or a couple recently married, or if you have been married for a while and want to experience the beauty of Japanese Kimonos, we are the service for you!

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Photographer & Interpreter
Nobu (Nobuya Takahashi)

Kimono professional
Mika (Mika Takahashi)

Kimono master
Shizuka (Shizuka Takano)

Rieko (Rieko Sawa)


Customer’s feedback

Here are feedbacks of our customers.
We are awarded Five Star by TripAdvisor!

“Excellent service”

The service was excellent, everyone is friendly. Nobu-San and his team were friendly and professional. He was very responsive and replied to our emails immediately. Our pictures came out beautiful, would recommend to anyone trying to experience kimonos first hand. from Cindy N

“Great experience and impressive Kimono”
“We were welcomed by Nobu the photographer, his wife, a Kimono expert and makeup artist in the little temple. We had great fun and enjoy every moment of our experience. My jaw dropped just to see those Kimonos, which are more luxury and traditional than those you hire and walk along the street. We love the little old temple and Nobu’s team cares about little details in our photo shooting. His English is good and very responsive of all our preparation and emails. We highly recommend them. We wish we have more time to try on more Kimonos and photos. We will go back to them again next time to try on something different ! Thank you so much !!!” from Mycafebar

“Great experience!”
My husband and I got married last month and spent the past 3 weeks in Japan and Korea for our honeymoon. My husband is of Japanese ancestry and I wanted to find a studio in Kyoto that could capture our wedding bliss – kimono style! It took me quite some time to find this gem online. Other sites that I contacted quoted me $2000 and above. We were looking for something more affordable and stumbled upon Nene Kimono. Their website is very easy to use, and the owner and operator – Nobu San was very responsive and helpful. The application process was painless and the cost was very reasonable. During the half day process, we learned of the fascinating culture behind the kimono. Overall, the experience was so positive that I highly recommend anyone interested in taking kimono pictures to check Nene Kimono out. I rarely write recommendations unless I feel that the experience is amazing. Thank you Nobu San, we got the DVD of pictures in the mail and will use them for our Thank You cards to our loved ones. from Susan Takenaka

“It’s a lifetime experience!”
We were looking for a way to take photos wearing Japanese wedding kimonos in our trip to Japan and we found Nene Kimono in Kyoto.
We had a wonderful experience! Nobu’s staff are great, they made us feel very welcomed and comfortable.
In our country we can’t find wedding kimonos to wear so we couldn’t miss this opportunity! They have many beautiful wedding kimonos! We, our family and friends loved the photos!
Take pictures wearing Japanese traditional wedding kimonos in beautiful city of Kyoto, we would definitely recommend Nobu’s wedding Kimono photography for this experience! from Cinthia M

this kimono photo shooting was a good experience. All people are so nice and kind. They would do their best to coordinate with you. I really recommend those people who would like to wear traditional Japanese wedding clothing under beautiful sight, this is no doubt a good choice. Good~~ from Annie C

“Wonderful wedding photoshoot in Kimono”
We had been searching for a studio that offers wedding photoshoots in traditional wedding kimono. I found quite a few but all had hidden costs which added up to a significant amount. When we found Nene Kimono completely by chance, Nobu san replied our email very promptly with all the necessary information concisely provided. Most important was that the package was transparent with no hidden costs. The price was reasonable and deposit could be done through PayPal which was very convenient. Nobu san’s English is also very good so we didn’t have to worry about language barriers. The photo shoot itself was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both my husband and myself as Nobu san and his team provided professional and genuinely sincere service that really touched us. I have short hair but the hairstylist Kayo san is incredibly talented and she managed to create a traditional Japanese hairstyle without using any hair extensions or fillers. We were so amazed! The putting on of the Kimonos was an intricate and precise process that was made even more interesting as the kimono experts Shizuka san and Mika san shared with us briefly about the history of kimono while helping us put them on. We were impressed by the pride that they had in their work and their culture. The photographer was also a joy to work with as her instructions were easy to understand and we felt very relaxed throughout the shoot. What was really heartwarming about the team was the care and concern as well as the genuine friendliness that they showed us throughout the shoot. After the shoot was over, they also provided us with helpful advice on places to eat and things to do. Thank you very much Nobu san and team for helping us create this beautiful experience and photos to remember it by! From Lemon and ZZ 🙂

“Great experience!”
My husband and I wanted to try a traditional wedding kimono photoshoot during our one week honeymoon in Kyoto. We discovered Nene Kimono and contacted Nobu San for inquiries and Nobu San was very fast responsive and helpful. I have my own preferred hairstyle and I was impressed that Sawa San’s incredible skill, was able to create exactly the same as what I had wanted. During the kimono dressing and photoshoot, we had enjoyed and learned a few things about the culture and the historical Kaikoji temple from the team. Nobu San spoke a very good English, hence we did not have to worry about language barrier with everyone. We had a good laugh and warm conversation with the team and therefore we were very relaxed during our photoshoot. What was really heartwarming about the team was the care and the sincere friendliness that they showed us throughout the photoshoot. This is probably the most important element that we were looking for instead of a formal photoshoot services from a studio. Overall. we were so amazed by Nobu San and his team’s professional services (I was quite sad when I had to take off the beautiful kimono after the shoot T_T). Thank you so much for the wonderful experience and beautiful memories that Nobu San and the team had given us during our stay in Kyoto. from Shawn and Anna