Nobu wedding Kimono photography


Our three features distinct from others

1.Shooting at out-of-sight locations

Other companies would shoot at a touring spot in crowds. We offer out-of-sight shooting locations and the relaxed atmosphere. We are granted to exclusively use a part of garden and  tearoom of temples in Kyoto. We have received a favorable reception from couples who wanted to have photos taken in the peaceful atmosphere. 

2. No surcharge

The price of our service is fixed at JPY 120,000 (tax included). It includes all things necessary for shooting at the temple and a DVD containing about 130 photos. Please rest assured that we won’t apply higher rates on weekends and holidays or based on kimono type and any other unclear reasons, as is usual with others.

3. Simplicity and beauty

We have simplicity and beauty in mind to capture naturally beautiful side of bride without asking for noisy poses. We offer unforgettable experiences and memorable photos all her life.

Other features of our service

"No prior visit is required"
We can complete pre-arrangements by email or phone. Prior visit for reservation is not acceptable. We reduce unwanted burdens of busy persons, couples living overseas and bilingual couples. 

"Any couples are welcomed"
We welcome any couples even if you are not newlyweds or you are a bilingual couple. Also, please visit us if you want to make a memory of Japan trip, celebrate wedding anniversary or if you have not taken bridal photos yet.