【Kaikoji Temple Plan】Photoshoot at the 700 year old temple
JPY 120,000 (including tax)

・Dress in Kimono (Lady/Man)
・Hair styling & Full face makeup (Lady)
・Interpreter  ・Professional photographer
・Shooting location rental fee
・130pics DVD
・Picture deta download service

Vacancy & Other inquiries

  • Feature 1: Exclusive use of tearoom
  • Feature 2: Shooting inside and outside Washitsu

Feauture 1: Exclusive use of tearoom

Feauture 1: Exclusive use of tearoom
・Shooting at authentic washitsu rooms in the composed atmosphere
Other companies would shoot at a touring spot in crowds. We provide couples with the composed atmosphere by exclusively using tearoom and garden. No worry about crowds included in the photos.
Traditional Japanese greeting style Kimono photo
Many photo variations by shooting at indoors or outdoors
This plan has so many shooting locations including tearoom, garden, precincts, shrine gate, hallway and temple path. No worry about the shooting on a rainy day.
American bride with wedding Kimono

Meet up at Kyoto City bus #208 ‘Sennyuji Michi’ bus stop.
An English speaking member will greet you. After that is a short walk to the Kaikoji temple.


Hairstyling and Kimono consultation


Hairstyling / Makeup / Kimono Dress


Photo shoot in a guest hall Japanese private garden


Photo shoot at a temple and shrine precinct


Change clothes, Final payment


<Access from Kyoto Station>
About a 10-minute taxi ride from Kyoto Station. Or ride #208 of Kyoto City Bus from Kyoto Station and get off at Sen-nyuji Michi bus stop. From there, a seven-minute walk to the temple.