・Photos are taken at actual temples, tearooms, and other scenic locations.
・Couples are dressed at shooting locations.
・There is no need to feel rushed as we only shoot one couple each day.

Kaikoji Temple(戒光寺)

We are granted to exclusively use tearoom and beautiful garden of time-honored temple.Kaikoji Temple, established in Kamakura era, is a subsidiary temple of an imperial household temple, Sen-nyuji.Out-of-sight tearoom and garden create the relaxed atmosphere for shooting. 
[Shooting spot] Washitsu (Japanese room), garden, temple precincts, shrine, hallway, temple path


[From Kyoto station]
By Taxi:About a five-minute taxi ride from Kyoto Station.
By Bus: Please take #208 of Kyoto City Bus and get off at Sennyuji Michi bus stop.
From there, a seven-minute walk to the temple.


Myorenji Temple(妙蓮寺)

Myourenji Temple is the head temple of Hokke school of Buddhism.Enjoy precious shooting experience at karesansui (dry landscape garden) and spacious  precincts. We shoot photos at spacious precincts and time-honored building at a relaxed pace. You can be taken composed taste photos at washitsu (Japanese room) or vivid photos before the backdrop of seasonal flowers and plants.
[Shooting spot] Washitsu, karesansui, temple precincts, temple path


[From Kyoto station]
By Bus: Take the Kyoto City Bus #9 and get off at “Horikawa Teranouchi” bus stop.
From there, two-minute walk to the temple.

Momijian Teahouse(紅葉庵)

We do the shooting at the century-old tasteful chamise (teahouse) behind Maruyama Park, with Kyoto’s seasonal nature as a backdrop.Although it is close to Gion, a popular tourist destination, Momijian is located at a quiet and out-of-sight area.We offer the shooting on outdoor location with Kyoto’s seasonal nature as a backdrop
[Shooting spot] Engawa (veranda-like porch) of Momijian, Chorakuji Temple path, Backland of Maruyama Park (shooting will be mainly done outdoors)


[From Kyoto station]
By Taxi: Aprox.25 min
By Bus: Take the Kyoto City bus #206 or #100 and get off at ‘Gion ‘ bus stop.
10 min walk from ‘Gion’ bus stop.